Tea & Insanity

2000 years ago, Jesus died, and by the twenty-first century, those poor mad pigs have finally squeezed their way back into our systems….

Cultured man that I am, I’ve decided to feed you my own special brand of madness in sweet sweet bite sized portions, over tea….

No need to thank me, just lay back and enjoy, the musings of a twenty-first century Madman.

 Do you ever look at an incredibly fit person and just go, wow!? I mean it’s incredible what working out does for someone. When its someone you’re close to for example, and they pick up a gym habit and stick with it you get a front seat to the transformation. They get leaner, the muscles pop, their faces gain facial definition, instantly increasing their face value. If they’re around you enough you can even compile a nice little training montage in your head to some hard Kanye music. https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1215
You deserve it.  Work hard, your dreams are valid. you’re meant to have it.  
It sounds like the words of a mother reassuring their child yes? A parent can always see the stars in their child’s eyes after all, and they spare no effort in letting them know about it. Needless to say, affirmations go a very long way in sculpting a child’s psyche, after all, how would you go about project Obama without believing “Yes we can!”. And we really can, as long as we put in the effort, but therein lies the rub.https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1206
The last romantic alive.
So, I’m having this magnificent cup of ginger tea, as I tend to do ever so often, and (again, as it tends to do ever so often) its got me on a trip to the oblivion, you know that place where coherent thought goes to die, and where utterly aimless intrusive thoughts are born. Of course, I have got to take you on this little ego trip, were friends like that, aren’t we?https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1280
We’re all going to die. That doesn’t have that much of a bearing on the next jumble of words but It ties in, and I figured id get the unpleasant business over and done with first.  Usually, I write when I’m hopped up on ginger tea and my mind transcends it self and goes to a place, I like to call oblivion, you know, that place in your mind where coherent thought goes to die and all sorts of fantasies are born. Today, however I’m writing from a more materialistic point of view. Yet, ironically, it touches more on the spiritual than anything else to come to birth under my keys. https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1327
I’ve always liked dragons. Towering over the skies, breathing fire, stealing princesses, hoarding gold- I always felt that they were living their best life.  Of course, literature in general didn’t seem to be of the same opinion, always coming up with self-righteous knights to go dragon slaying. Even the Bible didn’t portray dragons in a good light, so much so that there’s a large chunk at the end describing with painstaking detail how a big bad dragon would get chopped up into roast lizard. https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1348
Love is an interesting feeling. You know it when you look at someone and you feel like you’ve had honey sprinkled on your soul.  Sticky yet sweet, uncomfortable yet utterly satisfyingly selfish yet with an ocean’s worth of compassion.  It’s a paradoxical jumble of emotions in and of itself, beautiful and magnificent chaos, chaos we all choose to indulge in, because what is being human without falling in and out of love right? https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1356
Do you ever sit down and wonder how many beautiful damsels fell for Shakespeare’s lines or is this a sign that I should lay off the ginger tea? No, but seriously, though, we’ve been using his lines to hit on each other for the past few hundred years (well those with some culture anyway) and they still work, doesn’t make you imagine how much more effective they must have been coming from the master wordsmith himself? https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1427
Lust. A rather slippery, sticky word, just hearing it feels like it brings you back to the beginning of time, and you can see the Devil, in all his serpentine glory, seducing poor Naïve eve to indulge in the sweetness of the forbidden fruit.  The feeling itself certainly comes with an energy to ram through all your inhibitions and somewhere close enough you can hear that age old voice “Partake, Indulge, enjoy.”  Now personally I think we give the devil too much credit for all the chaos and destruction we bring unto ourselves but hey, everyone needs a hobby. https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1389

There is a certain section of your psyche, I like to call oblivion, where all coherent thought goes to die. If you close your eyes long and hard enough, and block out all the noise of the world, I like to think that you return to, or at least as close as you can get, to your state before you came to be, and became riddled with this terminal disease called life, before embarking on this inescapable race called death. https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1444
Its 2020, the era when the feminist movement is in full swing. Equality, which was once seemed like a pipe dream conjured by hippies on ayahuasca, has seen significant strides towards fulfillment. It’s not here yet, but it’s definitely closer than it was when the suffragettes started wearing trousers to prove a point, that women are every bit as capable as their male counterparts, and they look better to boot. Now despite the magnitude of the impact brought about by the ideological change brought by the movement, well you know what they say about too much of a good thing…. https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1431
“I’m an ass man. “
“Naah bro its boobs for me. “
Now of course, I, your cultured purveyor of random thoughts in sweet sweet, braincell killing packages am not as boorish as to partake in such objectifying conversation, but for the sake of perspective, you can label me an ass man. (For academic proposes of course).https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1458
We’ve fallen before. The scrapes on our knees and arms make sure that out history of kung fu fighting in our backyards and playing superman off the couch is nigh unforgettable. We could also fall into open manholes, pits, depression (Yes, the twenty first century is adding new holes, physical and otherwise for us to fall into, but that’s a story for another day.) No fall is ever really as disorienting an experience as falling in love. https://wordpress.com/post/manenoz.com/1475