I wanted to leave this page blank for now. Let the blankness marinate. Let it keep intimidating me.

Any art creator will tell you there’s nothing more intimidating than a blank page. I mean, here is something that holds so much potential to be great in future yet it stares down at you unforgivingly, taunting your skill.

Therefore, I have decided to leave this little piece here, for it eases the overwhelming blankness. It breathes life into this little corner of the internet.

That, for me, is enough.

Also, it would be rude of me not to welcome you. My African roots grow deep, mother has made sure of that.

So, karibu kiti mgeni. Jiandae. What would you like? Chapati? Mandazi? Bora usitaje nyama, mimi niko sawa.

I will be doing a little story series here on Manenoz but my primary and pitifully neglected blog remains. Times have been tough. Or rather, creativity has eluded me like true love in the streets of Nairobi.

My name is Wahito and welcome to the weirdness.

Stay tuned.