He stopped prematurely, or so I thought. Normally, this was the time. The time when his hands would be empty except for one of the two misters. There were also times when a mister wasn’t in his hands but tucked well under his armpit. His face was solemn, as always, when we got to this … Continue reading HATMA

Anna 💐Bella 🧸

Hello everybody,
Today’s article of the day is by Wangui Nyambura of the Wangui’sWordart blog page.
Amazing piece, emotional.
Enjoy! 5 minute read


Aunt Annabell sat on the bench next to her balcony on a Saturday morning. It was 8:00 a.m and she was enjoying the rising orange sun from the East as she watched her blooming flowers. She stretched her toes out from her flip flops before looking up at the atmosphere. The sky was clear and blue, the blue was brighter than the normal sky blue. She felt the air fresher than the ocean breeze. The wind was slow and calming. She could see colorful butterflies moving from one flower to the next. She knew ‘her summer’ was approaching. She began to crawl towards the flower vases after realizing that the flowers had multiple colors. After every blink of the eye, the flowers changed from one colour to the next in a rainbow sequence. From red to violet to orange to indigo to yellow to blue to green. The leaves were…

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