Burudika na Fanta

I felt like the president walking with my ADC behind me. No, this was more of a prisoner being escorted to his cell by a guard. Yeah, that sounded more like it. It’s funny how our own word of mouth can hold them ransom. As we got near the administration block, I slowed down. Stanley’s … Continue reading Burudika na Fanta


Mbio za sakafuni huishia ukingoni. -Swahili proverb ‘Do you like it?’ Tr. Samson asked. He had handed me a drawing by his toddler daughter. It was a rough one but criticizing it was out of the question. Being allowed to stand idly in the staffroom was already a privilege. I couldn’t abuse it by really … Continue reading Cheater


He stopped prematurely, or so I thought. Normally, this was the time. The time when his hands would be empty except for one of the two misters. There were also times when a mister wasn’t in his hands but tucked well under his armpit. His face was solemn, as always, when we got to this … Continue reading HATMA



Look how you’re making my ice cream melt with your hotness. Hotness? Heat. Heat sounds better. Look how you’re making my ice cream melt with your heat you hot human. Katerina. I have come to take some Wings at Chicken Inn as I come up with my new Story with Saruuussshhhh. It has been a … Continue reading Katerina

My First Time

Even as I write this today, almost nine months later, I can vividly remember how nervous I was. I could feel my anxiety slowly building up. I was trembling more than usual. My palms were extra sweaty. They are always sweaty for some reason, and cold too. Even on hot days. Even when I’m wearing … Continue reading My First Time

Dear Crush,

Don’t have time to read? Listen to the story from here. Hey. Probably I should have done this a couple of years ago. 11 to be precise. 2009- When I cared less about people’s opinions and shame was nothing but a passing cloud. That time when none of us had been through the fire of … Continue reading Dear Crush,