Sinful Flames

Lust. A rather slippery, sticky word, just hearing it feels like it brings you back to the beginning of time, and you can see the Devil, in all his serpentine glory, seducing poor Naïve eve to indulge in the sweetness of the forbidden fruit.  The feeling itself certainly comes with an energy to ram through … Continue reading Sinful Flames


Prologue Life shall giveth as it taketh yet what good is ye world when ye canst not liveth hither. I just felt like adding a prologue section but then, I have not the content. Exile Ahhhhhh. Exile such a common word between ‘comrades’.  It’s usually optional but who wants to spectate during the match. I … Continue reading Exiled


 It’s a fine Saturday morning and mom’s tolerance for my undone hair had thinned out to depletion, the consequences of which, would include a hair day at the salon…yes, I said day. Washing, conditioning, straightening and finally actually doing up my braids would take a couple of hours. The slight crease on my forehead probably … Continue reading Tattle