Popcorn Guitarist

I have a friend, more like a brother if I may say so, who likes to play the guitar and pop some corn. I get lost in his music sometimes and admire how he always has the same radiant smile with each serving of popcorn he sells. Is this the joy the sages said that … Continue reading Popcorn Guitarist

A Letter To You

There are times when all my edges soften and becomes pure poetry, … Only excuse for not writing is my mood, …at times I feel caged … all walls and darkness…still creeping me out, every second turning to minutes space starts getting small… somehow every scream turns to dust…. air slim and all I can … Continue reading A Letter To You

The End

"There has been twenty-five anti-depressant related suicides in the past month. Police say they are trying to figure out where the supply is coming from, but things seem to be getting worse. Ano…” A young man turns off the TV. He is nineteen years old, thick black hair, pale white skin, dark brown eyes. He … Continue reading The End