String me along

You ever blinked so hard that you felt like your eyeballs were being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. Then you tried that again and the feeling is gone, so you start blinking severely, and you start looking like a fool having a seizure. Let me rephrase that, have you ever found yourself waking up at … Continue reading String me along


Have you ever wondered why the first letter of the alphabet and the first letter of the word alphabet are both a? You have, then you must be very insane and for that reason wendawazimu wote tupatane nyuma ya tent, nimewafichia soda kadhaa, and as we take them you’ll have to explain to me in … Continue reading Maybe

Uko wapi

"Uko wapi?" Someone texted just a while ago. I have been told time and again that the answer to this question is entirely dependent on who is asking and where they are asking it from. I am from replying this text and I can't help but smile because I'm at three different places. My mom … Continue reading Uko wapi