Life shall giveth as it taketh yet what good is ye world when ye canst not liveth hither.

I just felt like adding a prologue section but then, I have not the content.


Ahhhhhh. Exile such a common word between ‘comrades’.  It’s usually optional but who wants to spectate during the match. I would rather go out and walk aimlessly. The worst thing that can happen is when someone schedules a match without your consent, “they will hurt you”, especially if the guy plays like PSG, oh my, consecutive counters, fast build ups and surely the pace is lethal.

You know what, sit tight let me narrate.

T’was on a Wednesday, the thing about Wednesday is its usually just plain. How you ask? Look at Monday its usually slow, Tuesday gets the pace started for the week, Thursday prepares for the weekend. I don’t think its necessary to explain Friday. Main point I never expect anything nice to happen on a Wednesday.

Anyways I live in a 1 bedroom with a close friend of mine, Hamuel is the name. Why share a room? Simply put I have two reasons. The first being I live in Nairobi and the rent is quite expensive hence we share the cost. The second being I used to live in a hostel once and it was not pleasing, you could not schedule home matches, I was like Tottenham in the 2018-2019 season all my matches were away.

We usually have the unspoken rule of scheduling fixtures earlier.

Picture this its 9:30 pm, I am currently on kigaliupdates_official. Eye candy is good for me, don’t judge, as they say pick your poison. Hamuel is in an unusually happy mood today. I assume he is winning bets for sure but alas I hear a knock on the door. Its more of a light tap so it is not a fellow comrade coming to borrow food. I decide to open the door.

On opening the door I am blessed to gaze upon the beauty of a fair maiden.

No, she is absolutely lost….

She has to be lost. Such a gem doesn’t come knocking on your doorstep. I am tempted to think God has decided my cold nights in Nairobi are done.

 I didn’t invite her so there is no way Hamuel….

She says hi and asks if Hamuel is in.

Surprised, no bamboozled is the word.

“Huyu Hamuel mmoja ama?” I ask.

She confirms it’s the same Hamuel, the one and only Hamuel.

“Alaaaa sasa imekwisha, ile iliyoko sasa ni usisemee.”

When they said love is blind I guess this is what they meant. Actually, it depends on your perspective because on my POV, Hamuel had hit the jackpot whilst for the girl I feel she had received the short end of the stick but whatever men yin and yan.

I let her in and straight into the bedroom I go, another unspoken rule. I decide to lay off for a nap after which I would ask Hamuel about the girl, this is obviously after the girl has left.

Squeaking, I hear squeaking, I hear squeaking the of the bed. Obviously muffled moans. The situation is funny though, Hamuel is telling the girl to be silent so that she won’t wake me up mid-stroke.

Who said men couldn’t multi-task. The funny thing is actually how he says it.

“Si tulisema mechi ni bubu!”

I can’t take it anymore I just get out and head to the sitting room its past curfew hours I am stranded. Today its awkwardly silent except from you know what. Apparently, its like they were waiting for me leave the room coz now it’s a mad house. Wow! I just switch on the woofer to listen to some Erick Donaldson, his music matches the occasion, EXILED.

PS. Come on Hamuel you know I’m playing.


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