A Lifetime Experience

Who saw it coming?

An experience surreal.

Your joy, overflowing,

Your laughter, a peal,

of bells from back when.

The pangs of ecstasy,

Every now and then,

Transcend any galaxy.

All mind and all memory,

could draw that moment,

to have it for eternity.

It tells of an innocence,

Or maybe a depravity,

You can’t tell the difference.

The nuanced novelty,

you can’t shake or quell.

This lifetime experience,

Has you in a spell.

Nothing is perfection,

But this just might be.

Visions of past action,

You no longer see.

You don’t want to deal,

Only to feel,

emotion unforgettable.

It reaches its peak,

With a life of its own

The thrill you first seek,

Has far been outgrown.

“How long will it last?”

You seem to question

But now it has passed,

You feel its declension.

Once time is nigh,

You’ll wake from that high,

Again on firm ground.

And within that span,

You will have found,

What few others can.

A lifetime experience.

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