It’s a fine Saturday morning and mom’s tolerance for my undone hair had thinned out to depletion, the consequences of which, would include a hair day at the salon…yes, I said day. Washing, conditioning, straightening and finally actually doing up my braids would take a couple of hours. The slight crease on my forehead probably … Continue reading Tattle


When I was growing up my parents and literally everyone told me that drugs were evil, disgusting and a death wish. Those who were seen or even suspected to be using were abandoned like a leper by the community. Drugs looked like a huge sin: an unforgivable one to say. I am grown now and … Continue reading ADDICTED


Yow. It’s been a minute my G’s. How are you? Last I was here we were deep into Sauti Sol and BnB and Bambam things. I mean, quite a long time innit? Yaani, so much has happened. Second lockdown here at home, BBI is seemingly dead, another year is down without getting laid, jokes- not … Continue reading Tinder